Charlie Shamp: The Reality of and Escape from Demonic ‘Werewolf Spirits’

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Shawn Akers

Horror movies often portray the intriguing yet satanic world of vampires and shape-shifting demons—what prophet Charlie Shamp often refers to as “werewolf spirits.”

But Shamp says these entities are not just fictional, they represent real spiritual forces that seek to deceive, drain and oppress us as believers. Shamp says it is essential—especially in this season where the demonic day of Halloween is celebrated not only by secular people and pagans but also by believers in Jesus Christ—to be vigilant, discerning and equipped to combat their influences.

In a recent video, Shamp explained why this in particularly pertinent for the latter.

“We need to know how to identify the characteristics of these spiritual entities and to identify their presence,” Shamp says, the founder of Destiny Encounters International. “Most importantly, we need to know how to guard ourselves against their deceptive tactics and to address the occultic connections and dangers associated with the involvement of occultic practices.

“But fear not. We are not left defenseless in this spiritual battle. We must cultivate a strong spiritual foundation through prayer, through worship, through Bible study and reliance upon the Holy Spirit. We can recognize and resist the deceptive tactics of these spiritual entities and we can help others find freedom and victory in their own lives.”

Shamp says the key passage of Scripture in doing this is Proverbs 30, beginning with verse 12, “There is a generation that is pure in its own eyes and yet it is not washed from its filthiness. There is a generation, oh how lofty are there eyes and their eyelids are lifted up. There is a generation whose teeth are as swords and their jaw, teeth, as knives to devour the poor from off the earth and the need from among men.”

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Shamp says that we’re not alone in this battle. God is with us every step of the way and has given us the ability to combat these demonic spirits through His Word and His Spirit and, as a community of believers, we have the authority and the power and the presence of Jesus to drive out every spiritual force.

“We are called to destroy, to uncover these demonic forces and bring others to spiritual victory,” Shamp says. “These entities may seem like they are fairy tales, but indeed there are demonic forces that are at work in the unseen and manifest in our world.”

There is the vampire spirit, which Shamp calls “deceptive energy drainers.” He says they are not fictional creatures of the night and they represent spiritual entities that feed on the life force of the vitality of individuals. They operate through deception, often appearing as charming and alluring, but their true nature is one of spiritual and emotional draining, just as a fictional vampire drains blood from its victims.

“They seek to weaken and control their victims by draining them of peace and joy and spiritual energy,” Shamp says. “However, as a Christian, we are called to be vigilant, discerning Satan, who masquerades as an angel of the light of the Word. God declares in 2 Corinthians 11:14 that we must guard our hearts and minds and stay rooted in the truth of God’s word and rely on the discernment of the Holy Spirit to recognize the presence of these vampire spirits.”

In Ryan LeStrange’s book, “Hell’s Toxic Trio,” LeStrange says that beneath the surface of your daily life there is a conspiracy against you. Whether or not you realize it, spiritual forces are at work in every element of your life.

However, some of these spirits have an agenda to cripple your faith and draw you away from God.

The toxic trio of hell’s most threatening conspirators consists of the Jezebel spirit, the python spirit and the religious spirit. With the Jezebel spirit, seduction is its game as it distracts, manipulates and deceives. The python spirit chokes the wind of God out of believers. The religious spirit sows legalism and bondage into the hearts of God’s people.

These three spirits have the same goal: to reverse the progress of your spiritual growth and break your faith.

LeStrange exposes how these spirits conspire to execute Satan’s agenda on the earth and equips you with the tools to rise above the Jezebel spirit, the python spirit, and the religious spirit so you can live in victory.

There are many other spirits we must be aware of, Shamp says, including the shape-shifting spirit that is an “illusionist.” These spirits are often confined to the realm of myth, Shamp says, but they are very real.

“They do exist and they are spiritual entities that possess the ability to change their form and appearance, often leading to confusion and manipulation,” Shamp says. “These entities pray on vulnerable individuals assuming different identities to deceive and control. They may appear as trusted friends, family members or spiritual leaders, but their true nature is one of deception.”

Shamp isn’t a novice at discerning these spirits. He’s been ministering for 20 years and has a long legacy in recognizing them.

His desire is to see believers who are traumatized by these spirits to be set free instantaneously from these demonic entities and to live the life of freedom God has prepared for them.{eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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