Canadian Pastor Compares Freedom Convoy to Story of Jericho

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Shawn Akers

Canadian Pastor Henry Hildebrandt, who made headlines last year for holding in-person worship services despite government edicts restricting such gatherings, spoke out in support of the Freedom Convoy Sunday, calling the demonstration—led by truckers—”God-ordained” and comparing it to the biblical story of Jericho.

Preaching from Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Hildebrandt said, “I say Jericho did not know who had come to Jericho, and there was quite a bit of honking there as well,” referring to the Old Testament story in Joshua 6, which chronicles the army of Israelites who, at God’s command, marched around the walls of Jericho six times. On the seventh day, God told Joshua to lead his troops around the city seven times as the priests blew their rams’ horns and, at the end of the seventh time, the Israelites shouted and the walls of Jericho collapsed.

“I have heard the trumpet blowing this week,” the pastor continued. “This week has been ordained of God. This happening is God-ordained, and it is not just for Canada; it is global. It is prophetic. God is in it. Long before man plans a reset, God is resetting. Never underestimate God’s mighty power.”

Hildebrandt went on to tell the protesters of “two answers to prayer,” presumably referring to pandemic-related restrictions that had been rolled back in the wake of the start of the convoy.

“If the pastors can’t do it, and if they don’t want to do it, the truckers will show us how to do it,” the preacher said to much fanfare from the crowd. “That’s why I’m in Ottawa and it seems like I can’t leave because I thank God for the truckers that God used.”

Hildebrant has preached in Ottawa twice. He delivered a sermon last Sunday in Parliament Hill and did so again this week.

He told the truckers they have been able to continue their demonstration “by God’s grace.”

The pastor accused Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has tested positive for COVID-19, of “hiding.”

“He hasn’t been able to come up with one single lie that has stood the test—not one—because we are standing for truth,” Hildebrandt said. “Lies have never been able to stand against truth. We are standing for Canada and the rest of the world.”

As CBN News reported over the weekend, the protest, which began in late January, has continued to garner widespread support in Canada and around the world. Some people who survived communism and fled to Canada spoke out in defense of the Freedom Convoy, which was started in response to restrictive COVID-19 vaccination mandates put in place earlier this year by Trudeau’s government.

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