Breaking Ties With the Orphan Spirit

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I was recently speaking at a conference and heard a stunning message by Patricia King. As she uncovered the roots and effects of the orphan spirit in the church, the Holy Spirit descended upon the hearts of God’s people. It was obvious God was touching something deep within His people that the Lord wanted to deal with. So what exactly is an orphan spirit? How does it manifest? How does it impair our ability to walk in the fullness of the call of God on our lives? Why should we care about it, and most importantly, how in the world can we get free from the oppressive demonic agenda that this stronghold brings? These questions and many others are explored in my interview Patricia King on my new episode of the Move Forward with Dr. Kim Maas on Charisma Podcast Network.

Patricia shares her wisdom and discernment about the times we are living in and how the demonic agenda of an orphan spirit is attempting to keep us from receiving all God has for our lives. If the enemy of our souls can keep us from receiving all God has for us, then he can keep us from doing the supernatural work Jesus has called us to, and the kingdom of God suffers. Join me and Patricia King as we talk about the orphan spirit. This episode is filled with solid biblical teaching, as well as Patricia’s powerful prophetic insights into the times we live in. Don’t miss Patricia’s word of knowledge for healing and her time of prayer and impartation. Listen in to this episode of Move Forward with Dr. Kim Maas, and you will come away stronger, freer and more equipped to walk out the call on your life. Whatever you do, as you transition in this crazy new epoch season, get wisdom, get healing, get revelation and get free from anything holding you back—especially the orphan spirit!

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