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Satanic Worship Headlines Grammys

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Shelby Bowen

Surrounded by dancers with long black hair cloaked in red robes, English singer Sam Smith was center stage at the Grammys glorifying satanic rituals in a skin tight leather outfit as he sang “Unholy.”

Smith identifies as non-binary. His performance at the Grammys which streamed to millions around the world was a clear symbol of the vociferous spiritual warfare happening in our culture today.

The first transgender singer to hit No. 1 charts, Kim Petras also joined Smith for the performance. Petras is a collaborator on the song and was seen trapped in a large cage surrounded by fire on the stage.

The song “Unholy” is about a father sneaking out of the house away from his wife and children to go to what sounds like a strip club. In the song, Smith esteems the action and glorifies the life of a man who cheats on his wife with an unknown woman.

As he sang the song wearing a hat with devil horns, the dancers on the stage dropped to the ground shaking their heads around moving in a sexual manner.

Smith posted photos of the crew practicing the performance before the show saying, “This is going to be something special.” Mainstream news outlet CBS commented on the tweet, “…you can say that again. Ready to worship!”

It is clear we are in a spiritual battle. A popular singer is performing a song glorifying the act of a husband breaking the bond of marriage and a mainstream news outlet saying they can’t wait to “worship” to the song.

Sean Feucht posted the video of the performance to his personal Twitter page saying, “We are living in a spiritual war. The Grammys went into full on Satan worship tonight to remind us.”

Senator Ted Cruz also commenting on the performance, “This…is…evil.”

In an interview with Variety, Petras says, “So it’s a take on not being able to choose religion. And not being able to live the way that people might want you to live, because as a trans person I’m already not kind of wanted in religion. So we were doing a take on that and I was kind of hell-keeper Kim.”

Pray for the impressionable youth around the world who watch the Grammys and look up to these entertainers. Marriage is a beautiful gift created by God that symbolizes our relationship with Him. The unity, bond and intimacy within marriage is not something to joyfully talk about breaking so men can give you money to perform sexual acts on them so you can go buy material items.

Hebrews 13:4 says, “Marriage is to be honored among everyone, and the bed undefiled. But God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterers.” {eoa}

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Shelby Bowen is an assistant editor for Charisma Media.





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