Russell Brand Discusses Pentecost and the Holy Spirit

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James Lasher

Comedian and podcaster Russell Brand has shown no signs of slowing down his education on who Jesus is and why Christianity stands apart from the other world religions.

Brand continues to delve deeper into the Bible and Christian community while updating his massive audience on his findings, and how the Lord is radically shaping his understanding of the world around him.

From going to church to learning about who the Holy Spirit is and how He is empowering Jesus’ followers to do great and mighty things in the name of the Lord, Brand’s enthusiasm for a deepening relationship with God is contagious.

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Sharing about the church service he attended on Pentecost this year, he was enthralled by learning about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the intent God has for His followers to move in power with this baptism.

“What I like is the idea that we can be infused with a great power, we can be infused with God’s grace. We can speak God’s wisdom,” Brand shares in a recent X post.

“This is an extraordinary idea to me.”

Looking at the world now through a biblical and God-inspired lens appears to be opening Brand’s eyes to the fact that without God, the way of this world is meaningless, but in Jesus we find purpose, direction and identity.

“On some level, you know that unless it [life] is an expression of a higher principle or higher value, you’re engaged in meaninglessness,” says Brand.

“As my gentle, delicate relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord continues to grow, I feel this sense of connection.”

There are those, humanists and atheists, who Brand addresses that may not believe as he does in Jesus Christ, but claim to live a good and moral life. Brand in turn shares a question with them: where does this goodness come from?

“When you examine, ‘Where do these values come from, where do they come from?’ even if you don’t, like me, believe in Jesus, then you will say, ‘No, but there is such a thing as goodness. There is a difference between right and wrong. There is a reason to behave beautifully in the world. There is a reason to be kind and to care.’ Perhaps that reason is because we are infused with the Holy Spirit,” Brand puts forth.

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“Perhaps that reason is because deep down on some level [its] difficult to access…impossible to access through rationality, know that good is real. That God is real.”

It is inspiring to see a man of Brand’s past have such enthusiasm about growing in his relationship with his Creator.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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