Use Your Sphere of Influence to Take Battleground for the Kingdom

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Tim Ferrara

My guest this week on Everyday Discernment on the Charisma Podcast Network is Pastor Vlad Savchuk, who has an amazing new book called Fight Back. He teaches about the importance of Christians moving from deliverance to dominion. This requires effort on our part by moving in God’s strength and not our own. Vlad tells how the Israelites were delivered from Egypt by the miraculous hand of God, and yet when they were called to take the promised land, they could no longer rely on God doing all the work; they had to move forward to take ground based on the promises of God.

Each of us has a sphere of influence. This sphere of influence as Christians revolves around three main areas: our family and friends, our jobs and our churches. Your specific sphere of influence is different than mine. You have a dynamic opportunity to impact certain people or industries that other people do not have. You have a God-given responsibility to positively impact your family regardless of the role you play in it.

As Christians we must take ground in our battleground. By saying this, I am referring to you being an active participant in how God wants to move in daily life, by listening to the Holy Spirit for promptings on how to act and speak. It’s important to be strategic on the goals you have for you and your family and move toward those goals with actionable steps. Some families have a “family mission statement” which outlines what their vision is for the family and goals they want to achieve.

Taking ground was a key component of trench warfare in World War I. Each side dug into the ground in order to hold their current area, but also to put themselves in a position to see what the enemy was doing and advance when the opportunity would arise. Taking ground was a meticulous process requiring great patience. An army needed to defend their position and be aware of their enemy. Not doing so would leave them vulnerable to attack.

Satan wants to take ground wherever he can before his time is up, especially within the family unit. Just look at the attacks on the family structure in today’s culture. If he can take out the unity of the family, the dynamics of family cohesiveness, the leadership of parental units and the influence of Christian families on the culture, that is a victory for the enemy. Do not let that happen in your family!

Do not discount the importance of prayer; it is our main weapon in this fight! Come up with a plan on how to take ground for Jesus that is unique to your situation and sphere of influence. This may include praying over your building before you start work, reading the Bible on break, having family devotions once a week, volunteering at church and praying for the ministries and pastors. Whatever the plan, it is important to know what it is in advance, have it written out and be in unison with your spouse (if applicable).

It’s been said that the best offense is a good defense. Do not wait for a life-changing event to come and take you out mentally, spiritually and physically. Practice today in the small steps outlined here so that you will be ready on that day!

Be sure to listen to the full episode with Pastor Vlad on the Everyday Discernment Podcast. Check out his podcast also on the Charisma Podcast Network, called Raised to Deliver. {eoa}

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