They’ll Put You to Sleep

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They’ll Put You to Sleep

They’ll Put You to Sleep
A pillow can offer more than just comfort; it can deliver a message of hope. For the last two years One Touch Awakening has been distributing pillowcases, snuggle pillows and insecticide-treated mosquito nets to people around the world. A prayer team prays over each individual pillowcase and mosquito net, asking God to comfort the recipients and give them a renewed spirit as they rest their heads at night. 

Recently One Touch Awakening partnered with His Nets and Operation We Care to provide mosquito nets to homeless adults and children in Haiti, as well as  pillows with pillowcases to newly deployed troops overseas.

“Solomon said, ‘Though I sleep, my heart is awake.’ All day long God is inspiring us,” says spokeswoman Cindy Richard. “We can hear His voice, but often the rat race of the world gets in the way of our thinking. But when we lay down at night in exhaustion, you can have a pure encounter with God. … It takes all the control off of us. All we do is surrender.”

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