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Rod Parsley

If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. —Galatians 5:25

The greatest asset of Christian families today is the leading of the Holy Spirit. We must all learn to discern the prophetic voice of God and learn to obey Him. A gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit to pray may make the difference between life and death in your family. You may only hear a gentle, “Do not go to the store right now; stay and worship me.” While you are worshiping Him, the devil’s plan to meet you head-on with a swerving truck is thwarted because you heard-and obeyed.

Satan hates a godly family because he knows its spiritual strength. The devil would like nothing better than to sow strife and discord into your family life, opening the door for him to attack.

Determine to join hands with your family members every morning and to pray a hedge of protection around each other before anyone leaves the house!

Spirit of God, lead me. Teach me how to be a spiritual
leader in my family, church, and work. By
Your power, help me close and lock
every door of attack from
the enemy. Amen.

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