Protect Your Seed

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Rod Parsley

Guard, through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, the treasure which has been entrusted to you. —2 Timothy 1:14, NAS

Everything a pregnant woman takes into her body goes directly into her baby. If she smokes, drinks or takes drugs, she may harm or even abort her unborn child. Everything that comes in through your eyes, your ears, and your mind goes into your spiritual womb. If you take in doubt and unbelief, you will contaminate the miracle growing in your spirit.

Some people abort the miracle God has for them because they are full of doubt. They let go of God’s promise and lose sight of their miracle.

Before raising Jairus’ daughter from the dead, Jesus ordered all unbelievers to leave (Luke 8:54). If you are incubating a miracle, shun doubt and unbelief; feed your spirit with the things of God, allowing the Holy Spirit to conduct regular check-ups of your spiritual condition. Guard your miracle-.-.-.-it is His gift to you.

Lord Jesus, reveal to me the unhealthy things
I have been putting into my spiritual womb.
Instead of partaking of something harmful
to my miracle, I will feast today
on Your Word. Amen.

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