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Rod Parsley

But if thou canst do any thing, have compassion on us, and help us. —Mark 9:22

In this Scripture Jesus explained to the desperate father of a demon-possessed boy, “It’s not a question of what I can do.” God flung the stars into the heavens, put the oceans in their boundaries, sprinkled sand around the shores, and then sent the world spinning and commanded the oceans not to spill a drop. It was this blind man healer, this leper-cleansing man, this water-walking Jesus who said, “Light be”-.-.-.-and light was and has never ceased to be, because He never commanded it to stop. He is a supernatural, miracle-working God. He can do anything.

There is no mountain high enough to keep Him from getting to the other side. The devil can’t come up with a problem in your life that God can’t solve. It is never a question of what God can do, but only of what you believe He can do. Believe He can work miracles, He can make your feet like hind’s feet, and that you too will leap and bound over every obstacle the enemy puts in your path! No question.

Are you facing an insurmountable mountain today? Have it move aside by faith in Jesus. Only you can limit what He does through you.

Jesus, move my mountains, shatter my bondages,
and set me free from everything that
hinders my walk with You. Amen.

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