No Impossibilities

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Rod Parsley

For with God nothing shall be impossible. —Luke 1:37

The angel Gabriel brought Mary a testimony of the divine greatness of the child she was to bear—set apart from any human being who would ever walk the earth. In Luke 1:35 Gabriel tells her He will be of unique origin. Born of a virgin through the overshadowing power of the Most High, He will be—and eternally is—the Son of the Highest (v. 32). His God-given name will be Jesus, which means “God saves.” Because He will be mankind’s Savior, He is the One who will come as the promised Redeemer.

Unlike all other human beings, He will be wholly without sin, and therefore, the absolute Holy One (v. 35). Because He is without sin, He will be the divine King who will reign over His spiritual kingdom throughout eternity (v. 33).

Finally, Gabriel assures Mary with a truth that has stood the test of time. Everything that he announced to her was possible—even the amazing miracle of the incarnation of His Son—for with God all things are possible.

Nothing with God is impossible. Give Him every impossible area of your love, and yield to the way He will solve each problem.

God, I give you all that is impossible, knowing that
You alone are the God of the possible. Amen.

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