How You Can Receive God’s Generosity

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Marti Pieper

Join with me as we discuss God’s generosity in relationship to his Word and our daily living. This new series is based on my book Generosity, What’s in It for Me? We’ll learn how to understand and receive God’s generosity.

When the Bible tells us to give and we will receive, it’s simply a way of God showing His desire to bless us. In our marriages, we must have a generous spirit to be a blessing to each other. The local church needs generous giving by its members to achieve its purpose. You will learn how giving produces growth. This series will explain the blessings of generational generosity, conditional generosity and contingent generosity.

Our motives are crucial to receive God’s generous gifts. I will explain the benefits of generous giving to your church. When we understand radical giving, we will become aware of radical receiving. This series will deal with how to understand when to give and when we must refrain from giving.

Thankfulness brings forth generosity. It’s the key to open the windows of heaven.

As you listen to these podcasts, I believe the Lord will reveal to you how to leave a legacy of generosity for others to follow. I will explain the significance of proper Spirit-led investing. His generosity is God’s promise. His Word tells us we should “Prosper in all things and be in good health even as [our] soul prospers” (3 John 1:2, NHEV). As we go through these podcasts on generosity, we will gain a better understanding of generous living. In addition, we will become aware of God’s numerous plans of blessing His people. {eoa}

David Friend founded and served as lead pastor of North Scottsdale Christian Church. He was a banker for 15 years and taught finance and banking for five years at Arizona colleges. He owned a real estate development company in Scottsdale, Arizona. David has written and published several books on living debt free, budgeting, faith, generosity and the Vietnam War. He served his country in the United States Army in Vietnam. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with his wife, Sharon. Together they have two children and six grandchildren.

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