Hollywood Vs. Holywood

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Felicia Mann

Not My Life

 Today many Christians
are fed up with the immorally charged films being produced in
Hollywood. And some are heeding the old adage, “If you can’t beat them,
join them.” Numerous churches and Christian organizations are starting
to make movies and/or back films more closely aligned with their moral
leanings. Check out the flicks coming to a screen near you.


Not My Life
Agape International Missions, dedicated to ending child sexual slavery in Cambodia, helped produce the documentary Not My Life.
Releasing next month, the film depicts the disturbing yet inspiring
testimonies of survivors of the modern-day global sex-trafficking







Jumping the Broom
T.D. Jakes, the megachurch pastor of The Potter’s House, releases his third film, Jumping the Broom, on
May 6. The movie, which stars Hollywood elites such Angela Bassett and
Loretta Devine, chronicles two families from different socioeconomic
backgrounds who are being joined by marriage. 







The Potential Inside
On DVD, former semi-pro racer Scotty Curlee stars as a veteran cyclist in The Potential Inside. Reeling
from grief after a family tragedy, he is given an opportunity he
doesn’t want—to train a rookie cycling prodigy. The movie’s message is
“about the potential we have inside of us, in Christ, to reach our

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