God Wants to Help You Blast Out of Your Spiritual Valley

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Many people think they need to stay in their valley because God put them there. They have been made to believe that God is a mean God, or a mad God, looking down on the earth watching for someone to make a mistake and catch them in it. They are made to believe that every time they do something wrong, God is right there and says, “I caught you.” So many believers actually picture God that way, but He is completely opposite of that strange belief.

The devil—the enemy—is the one who’s mean! He is the one who works hard and tries to entangle us in his snares and bog us down in his valleys of defeat. The enemy loves to keep us trapped in the shadows where we can’t even see daylight because the mountains are so high. The devil will hold you captive in his valleys of defeat as long as you let him. Yes, you read me right! As long as you let him. It’s your choice! You can choose to keep walking in those valleys. In fact, you can be born-again, Spirit-filled and heaven-bound, and still live in the valley all your life.

But God doesn’t want you to live in the valley of defeat. He wants you to act on His Word in faith, blast your way out of the valley and live an abundant life in Jesus! Living for Jesus is the greatest life there is! It’s a beautiful sight to stand on a mountaintop and look down into a valley. But it’s a different perspective altogether when you’re in that dark valley trying to get up to the mountaintop! You have to come out of your valley if you’re going to experience the abundant life God intends for you to have. God has provided the way for you to come out of the valley, but He’s not going to do it for you.

You have to get yourself out of your valleys—the valleys of sin, past mistakes, financial despair and sickness—by coming in line with God’s Word. Then you have to make confessions based on what His Word says about your situation.

The woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5 blasted her way out of the valley of sickness by receiving the dunamis, or the power, of God by faith. She didn’t know it, but she was using the same faith principles that Jesus gave us in Mark 11:23. In this Scripture, Jesus taught us how to activate God’s power to blast away obstacles, so we can walk out of any valley the enemy tries to put us in.

Mark 11:23 says, “For truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, he will have whatever he says'” (author emphasis added).

The law of faith Jesus is talking about here is to believe in your heart what God says, confess it with your mouth and then act on what you believe. The woman with the issue of the blood said it and believed it!

First, she believed in her heart that Jesus could heal her. Second, she said it with her mouth. Third, she did something about it.

She went to Jesus and touched the hem of His garment in faith, and then she received what she had said was hers. That’s exactly what Jesus said to do in Mark 11:23!

The power of God is available to us. We just have to ignite the power that the Word carries and mesh it with our faith. We do that by believing God’s Word in our hearts and confessing it with our mouths.

You can come out of any valley you may be in right now by blasting your way out with God’s Word! There’s a way out of the valley! Jesus already told us in Mark 11:23, and I paraphrase, “Just believe in your heart and say to any problem or obstacle, ‘Get out of my way!’ and it will be removed.” That’s how to blast those obstacles out of your way, so you can come out of any valley!

5 Keys to Venturing out of the Valley Victoriously

If your path is currently through the valley, or you see one in your future, here are five keys that make the difference in your ability to endure through the valley and come out victorious:

— Draw close to the Lord your Shepherd.

— Talk to the Lord.

— Hunt for treasure.

— Keep walking on the water.

— Keep praising Him through the valley.

One day we just might look back and thank God for the valley. This doesn’t mean that we want to go through it again or wish it upon anyone else, but we’ll look back and realize we’re in a better place because we went through the valley and blasted ourselves out of it. When you can look back and see what you endured through the valley, you will also realize it brought you to a greater level of faith in God and into a new season of your destiny.

Let’s journey together to learn more about conquering through the valley and coming out victoriously as you listen to this episode of Fresh Fire Podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network. {eoa}

Sandra Benaglia Smith, who carries the mantle of apostle and prophet, is the author of Reflections of a Conqueror, published by Amazon and Lulu Publishing, and loves to design her own Christian apparel, which can be found at her brand-new online store at freshfirerevival.com. Previously featured on Arise Radio, Yes TV, Charisma magazine and many other global platforms, Sandra hosts the Fresh Fire podcast on Charisma Podcast Network with her husband, Todd Smith.

The couple are founders of Fresh Fire Apostolic Ministries, which brings revival fire to local communities, regions and the nations, and they pastor Fresh Fire Church. With a heart to see the captives set free, healed and delivered—especially women, children and the brokenSandra desires to see believers understand their kingdom authority and position and to use their spiritual gifts to impact their areas of influence for the kingdom of God.

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