Getting to Know the All-Powerful, Omnipotent Creator

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Believers must live and move in a spirit of faith. Faith comes from hearing the Word of God, knowing God and growing in our understanding of who He is, His power, His abilities, His motives, His heart and His values.

The way to love God is to know God. As you come to know Him, you change—your outlook, your behavior and your world view.

One of the steps to take to get to know God is to understand the names of God in the context who He truly is. Each name of God is a different characteristic of God. Knowing all God’s attributes, which are in His names, will help you recognize His voice, see Him working in your life and understand some of the reasons for why He does what He does.

In Genesis chapter one, God is introduced to us as Elohim, the All-Powerful, Omnipotent Creator. There are times in your life when you need God to be Elohim. That would be when you need a creative miracle in your finances, your health, your relationships and your workplace. Remember, He is the God who spoke, and it happened.

God introduced Himself as “nothing is impossible for Me, I can do this.” In the first chapter of the Bible, God created all the universe, all the earth. Scientists still haven’t unraveled all the mysteries, yet God spoke it into existence without effort. And that same God wants you to know Him.

In Genesis chapter one, God created the world, and in Genesis chapter two, we see the purpose for His creative work. Have you ever considered why God separated light from darkness or land from water or the water from the sky? Why did He create plants and birds, fish, reptiles, and all the creatures?

It’s because one creation builds on top of the previous one. Light needs to be separated from darkness because it’s needed for the process of photosynthesis, which helps create plants, which produce oxygen. The next creation, animals, need oxygen. Then God culminated His creation with humanity. The reason creation occurred as it did is because it was intended to lead to a culmination—humanity.  

Your heart can rest in the fact that the God who made the world and created everything loves you and wants you to know Him. Sometimes in our limited mind we worry about what we can’t do, and we forget to ask God to help us, let alone acknowledge He is Elohim. Nothing is impossible for Elohim.

Grow in your faith by understanding all the different names of God in scripture because each one carries meaning and revelation for your life.

Marilyn Hickey founded Marilyn Hickey Ministries more than 45 years ago with God’s vision to cover the earth with the Word. Marilyn co-hosts a daily television program, Today with Marilyn & Sarah, reaching a potential viewing audience of over 2 billion households worldwide. Marilyn communicates deep biblical truths in a way that is understandable and practical for everyday life.

Sarah Bowling is on a mission to connect every one with the heart of God while loving those who are overlooked, excluded, and ignored.  Led by Holy Spirit and anchored in the Word, Sarah seeks to inspire all to know the unconditional and transformational love of God in our daily lives. A Bible teacher, author, international speaker, and a global humanitarian, Sarah also co-hosts a daily television program, Today with Marilyn & Sarah.

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