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Rod Parsley

Take up the ashes which the fire hath consumed with the burnt offering on the altar, and-.-.-.-put them beside the altar. —Leviticus 6:10

God is saying, “Take yesterday’s ashes off the altar and get them out of my presence.” He is saying, “Lay yesterday’s spiritual experience aside.” For too many, their first experience with the baptism in the Holy Ghost is their last. If we have not had a fresh experience with God today, we are late. If we did not receive a renewed filling today, we are lagging behind.

Not only are God’s mercies renewed daily, but He wants to refresh our spirits so that we remain overflowing with Holy Ghost power and anointing. God has new frontiers for us to conquer. Yesterday’s flame is growing dimmer. Get ignited in the Spirit!

To dwell in the presence of God requires fresh fire every day! Humble yourself before Him and say, “I am not ready to go forth until I have first been prepared by You. Touch me today.”

Let the fire of the Holy Ghost daily purify and prepare you, and give you fresh passion for Him.

Lord, I long for Your fresh fire every moment
of my life. Renew, cleanse, purify, refresh,
and restore Your servant. Amen.

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