Do You Recognize These 4 Symptoms of Emotional Abuse?

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Jenny Rose Curtis

1) You allow yourself to remain in a situation that doesn’t celebrate you but only points out your flaws.

2) You remain in a situation that has you confused the majority of the time.

3) You pour out of yourself all the time and never get any impartation in return.

4) You are left feeling empty after time spent.

These are all symptoms of emotional abuse. Most people who are in these situations don’t realize they are in them.

They abuse themselves by thinking they can do something to change the situation by giving even more of themselves, just to find themselves living in disappointment. Living is just that: living. If a situation is dead, stop trying to resuscitate it, and live your life.

There is no way God intended for us to be slaves to oppression. When we allow this treatment to take place, the real abuser is ourselves. The situation is only happening because of the insecurity, unworthiness, man-pleasing spirit we have carried, which attracts lovers of themselves. If the situation is self-absorbed, self-centered, self-motivated and we are feeling insecure, unworthy and always desiring to please man, we are actually what the situation needed to stroke their ego. Those who know me, know I’m very transparent. I will live to expose the enemy, even if the enemy is me. The day I realized I couldn’t live like this anymore is when the guy I dated was so self-centered that everyone around me could see it but me. I look back and realize how blind I was to feel as though I needed this man to make me better, when in fact he was on assignment to destroy my destiny. I cried out to God and told Him, “For You I live, but without You I die.”

I realized choosing to remain in that situation wasn’t going to heal me. Ignoring the signs wasn’t going to break the chains so my son wouldn’t have to deal with Jezebel once he started dating. No situation sent by the devil is worth me giving up my position in the kingdom. If I have to stand alone so my son and I can live in the abundance of the kingdom of God, that is what I will do. The Bible says, “Men will be lovers of themselves” (2 Tim. 3:2a).

I know what my Father also says about that:  “so the last will be first, and the first last” (Matt. 20:16). The fact that Father wants us healed, set free and delivered makes me want to wait my turn. I will not be used by the enemy to destroy my own destiny. So I say to you from what I’ve learned, no situation that does not add to you nor elevate you is worth keeping. Your situation should bring the best out of you and the other person. If not, check your motives. It doesn’t matter how pretty or handsome a situation is.

It doesn’t matter how popular or famous the situation is or how much property or money the other person has. Remember there are wolves in sheep’s clothing (see Matt. 7:15). Self-check and let God heal those broken pieces, so that your next situation will be for God’s glory and not a playground of destruction for the enemy {eoa}.

Gina R. Prince is an apostle of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has a podcast show called “The Keys Against The Enemy” on Connect with Gina on Instagram and Twitter @ginarprince as well as Facebook at “The Keys Against The Enemy.” Visit her website at and

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