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Stacey Spencer

Stacey Spencer
Try this: Turn on your television and flip through the channels. You’re more likely to see sex, drugs and violence than you are positive images. 

“The media has helped to shape the young minds with some negative/false images of what is acceptable for a teen to feel valued in society,” says Stacey Spencer, founder of youth-oriented ministry Teen Tyme.

 That’s why Spencer created Just Teens, a TV show that this month expands its reach from 5 million to 36 million homes. The talk show is educational and relevant while tackling topics affecting 12-to-17-year-olds such as abortion, suicide and anorexia. Teens are involved in deciding the show’s content and helping with the production. 

Spencer says the need f or positive teen programming is so great that both private and public schools have requested the shows be aired for their students. So far more than 65,000 students have been exposed to the show in schools. 

“Our production ministry has helped to reinforce high standards, meaningful morals, priceless values and valuable virtues through positive television programming for teens,” Spencer says.

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