A Pink Cross For Jesus

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A Pink Cross For Jesus

A Pink Cross For Jesus
 Former stripper and porn star Shelley Lubben found herself making X-rated films in the multibillion-dollar sex industry by the time she turned 24. 

Known then as “Roxy,” Lubben starred in more than 30 films, her success fueled by the rage she built up from being abused as a child and teenager. 

“‘You’re dead to me,’” Lubben recalls her father telling her when he kicked her out after high school. “When he said those words to me, the demonic spirits entered me, and I was never the same.” 

But Lubben always believed God had a calling on her life, and after years in the sex industry, she has finally left it behind. In her new book, Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn—The Greatest Illusion on Earth, Lubben exposes the secrets, horrors and hazards of the porn industry as she tells how she was abused, became pregnant, caught genital herpes, battled alcohol and drug addictions, and even attempted suicide. 

Today Lubben’s life is fueled by love instead of rage. Lubben and her husband, Garrett, have since founded the Pink Cross Foundation, a nonprofit organization that offers emotional, financial and transitional support to those who want to say goodbye to the sex industry. 

“When God starts using ex-porn stars to do His bidding, people should pay attention,” she says.

Why You Should Care·

  • The largest group viewing online pornographyis between ages 12 and 17
  •  More than 11 million teens regularly view porn online
  • Of all known child-abuse domains, 48 percent are housed in the U.S.

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