4 Steps You Can Take While You Wait

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Billie Jauss

Often, I’ve had great desires to do more in my life, be more and make more of an impact. With three small boys and a husband who was away from home eight months a year, I felt stuck in a rut.

I’d create a plan to do something valuable, put in a splash of prayer and a pinch of trust in the Lord and run. My arrogance of how I could accomplish it overran my belief that I needed God every step of the way.

I ran with my plan, not His. I included Jesus in my list, searched for the Scripture that fit what I wanted and prayed for it all to come together and fall into place. Then I’d bulldoze my way through life, trying to accomplish it all—unwilling to wait.

I spent too much time worrying about my call, impact and desires. I focused on my list, not God’s guidance, wanting purpose and meaning—but only if it fit into what I viewed as successful.

Trusting in God’s faithfulness day by day make us confident in His great promises for the future.

Putting our hope in God isn’t passive; it’s active. Those who hope in God wait for him, seek Him, receive His discipline and wait and trust Him. Are you willing to wait?

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