3 Keys to Dramatically Strengthen Your Relationship With God

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Jessica Newsome

Many Christ followers, including myself, have struggled with growing in their walk with God. At some point, we stalled out and found ourselves complacent.

In my latest episode, The Struggler, I discuss the three things you can work on in order to progress and grow in your relationship with God: submission, persistence and acceptance.

I discuss in detail how these three things work together for your good. Unfortunately, many Christians strive for an unattainable perfection. Even God does not hold us to such a standard.

What He does ask for is your heart. It seems easy to give your heart to Him, but it’s more difficult than you might think. The heart so often turns toward the very things that hinder your relationship with God.

Maybe you find yourself worshipping the gods of stature within your job or the perception of people. Maybe your heart is toward finding a mate in life, not really caring if they are the one God had called you to walk with.

Finding the joy, love, peace and fruitfulness in walking with God is obtained by first falling so in love with Him your heart’s desires and transformed to align with His.

Check out this episode of my podcast called The Struggler, and subscribe to my podcast titled The Victory > The Struggle. {eoa}

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