Faith Leaders Call for Urgent Prayer for the People of Ukraine

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Shawn Akers

Jentezen Franklin, senior pastor of Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia, says prophecy may well be unfolding before our very eyes. He tweeted Thursday: “The people of Ukraine need your prayers as Russia continues their invasion. I have preached in Kyiv 5 times and these are some wonderful people. They need God’s protection as they are facing missile, artillery and air attacks. This is potentially a major prophetic fulfillment.”

Pastor Jim Garlow, the co-founder and CEO of Well Versed ministries, which brings biblical principles of governance to government leaders and ambassadors at the United Nations, says that the United States most do all it can to support Ukraine now.

Our hearts grieve for our Ukrainian friends. As we view this calamity, it is important to remember that in 1994, our nation—along with others—agreed to protect Ukraine if they would give up their nuclear weapons. Ukraine did. The nations—including the US—have clearly violated their word. In addition, the church is vibrant in Ukraine and badly needs our support. I was scheduled to be one of the speakers last September to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the overthrow of Communism in Ukraine. Who would have thought that five months later, Russian tanks would again be terrifying and oppressing Ukrainians.”

Dr. Alveda King says we must cling to the words of Jesus at this crucial time.

In the face of the wars and rumors of wars, Jesus foretold it is our job to remain calm, faith-filled and prayerful,” King says. “We pray fior the people of Urkaine, and yes, Russia, and people everywhere.”

Gov. Glenn Youngkin of Virginia tweeted: “Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is an assault on a sovereign nation and will have devastating consequences for Ukrainian citizens. This senseless, unprovoked attack undermines democracy worldwide and we must hold Russia accountable. And we pray for the Ukrainian people and for peace. “

Christian Nikki Haley, the former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., tweeted: “Even on our worst day, we are blessed to live in America. We should all support the Ukranian people in their quest for freedom. Putin is a sick thug who doesn’t like freedom knocking on his door. We should support Pres Zelensky as he stands up to the bullying from Russia. We are always right when we fight on the side of freedom.”

Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, says that our silence is not an option in the face of injustice.

“As Russia invades, I implore the body of Christ to pray for those in Ukraine, their elected officials & the leaders of the world, that wisdom would be enacted swiftly and lives would be spared from further tragedy.” PrayForUkraine

Evangelist and missionary Lee Grady says prayer has been ongoing for the people of Ukraine for more than seven years.

“According to missionary reports, Christians have been gathering to pray for their nation every morning at 7 a.m. since 2014,” Grady says. “They even meet in the ice and snow. They continue to pray for peace, and that the gospel of Jesus will continue spreading from their nation. Let’s stand with them.

“The world is at intense time of shaking, but we know that our hope lies in the fact that Jesus is on the throne. At this time, we must pray for the peace that only He can give. I am praying that Russia will stop its aggression and respect the rights of the Ukrainian people to rule their own nation. I am also praying for the many churches and missionaries in Ukraine who are vulnerable to attacks.”

Doug Stringer, founder of Somebody Cares International, a worldwide humanitarian organization, says believers around the globe, especially those in America, cannot ignore this dire situation.

“The world watches Ukraine, a sovereign nation, being threatened and under attack by Russia. Personally, my heart aches as I’ve been reading posts of desperate prayer requests from friends and ministries in the region, and join in prayer with many for the Lord’s intervention. Sadly, many in our own nation are going about ‘business as usual’ and do not realize the urgency and consequence of what is being unleashed and the chain reaction of events that affects us all.

“I’ve been reminded of and praying from King Hezekiah’s example in Isaiah 37. ‘This is a day of trouble, distress and blasphemy’ concerning the attack and threats upon his nation. He also spreads out the threats before the Lord and prays, ‘O Lord of hosts, God of Israel, the One who dwells between the cherubim, You are God, You alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth…Incline Your ear, even Your eyes, O Lord, and see, and hear…Now therefore, O Lord our God save us from his hand that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that You are the Lord, You alone.'”

Nik Walker of Nik Walker Ministries says, “We are grieved at the events currently unfolding in Ukraine. As a ministry, we are praying fervently for supernatural protection from the Holy Spirit to cover and defend this nation.”

Christian author and founder of Touch Heaven Ministries, Frank Amedia, offered this prayer:

“Lord, protect the innocent from the vicious brutality of Putin and his armies. Give wisdom to the kings of the earth that goes beyond the natural. And we declare Psalms 35:8 upon the dictator and his cohorts, ‘Let destruction come upon him at unawares; and let his net that he hath hid catch himself: into that very destruction let him fall.’ Give our president strength and wisdom and resolve, in Jesus’ name.”

Bishop Joseph Mattera says that we need to pray for the church in Ukraine to “persevere and multiply despite their grave situation.”

“We have heard firsthand from some of the people in the Ukraine of their need for prayers. We especially need to pray for the older Ukrainian people who are all alone without food or help.”

Pastor and Evangelist Greg Laurie tweeted, “As you know, Russia has attacked Ukraine. Let’s all be in prayer for the people there. Pray also for our leadership that they make wise and prudent decisions in the next few critical hours.”

Bible teacher and Charisma House author Kyle Winkler says that the invasion of the Ukraine is just more evidence of the trials Jesus said we would face.

“The news out of Ukraine today is devastating,” Winkler says. “But let’s not forget what’s greater still—His promise that He has overcome the world! Let’s pray for God’s overwhelming peace and overcoming grace to grip the hearts and minds of everyone involved. Let’s pray that the people are delivered from every evil and that anyone in harm’s way will experience God in the way of any harm. May what the enemy means for defeat be used as a means to defeat the enemy.”

Deliverance minister and Charisma House author Kathy DeGraw says the spiritual warfare surrounding the situation is intense, and the prayers of believers should be as well.

“Prayer must go forth as we stand in solidarity with the people in Ukraine. How do we pray in intense situations? We speak out audibly into the spiritual realm in which we fight. Declare to bind and rebuke the spirit of fear, death, destruction and murder. Speak for the Shalom peace of God to come upon them, for them to feel loved and safe.

“Proclaim that they will receive wisdom and revelation on their actions and movements to keep them safe. Bind and restrict evil forces. Pray to dispatch angels to guard and protect them and keep them and their families and children from harm. The war can be won but the war must be fought in the realms of the spirit and we have powerful artillery in the words we speak out through prayer.”

“In times of uncertainty, crisis, and disaster, we see the Lord actively at work drawing people to Himself,” says Dr. Paul Chitwood, International Missions Board President. “Many people are more open to spiritual conversations and ask questions about the truth and peace that is found in Christ alone when they face uncertain situations. Pray with us that Jesus Christ would be glorified through today’s global crises, particularly the crisis in Eastern Europe.”

How can you pray for the people of Ukraine today and going forward? Click here for a Ukraine Prayer guide, put together by the International Missions Board.

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