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Morning Rundown: God Used Lonnie Frisbee Powerfully Despite His Flaws

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Shelby Lindsay

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God Used Lonnie Frisbee Powerfully Despite His Flaws

Near the end of the film “Jesus Revolution,” Pastor Chuck Smith gives his young disciple Greg Laurie the keys to a church and challenges him to launch a new congregation. When Laurie expresses his lack of confidence, Smith says: “God has a long history of using flawed people.”

Those words certainly apply to the Jesus Movement, the spiritual revival that started in California when a long-haired hippie named Lonnie Frisbee showed up on Smith’s doorstep in 1968. The movement brought hundreds of thousands of people to Christ during the 1970s. “Jesus Revolution” portrays Frisbee’s early days as an evangelist, but there wasn’t enough screen time to unpack his complicated life.

Amanda Grace: The Tie Between Purim and Disney Being Decrowned

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill on Monday taking away Disney World’s autonomy by ending the Reedy Creek Improvement District. “Today, the corporate kingdom finally comes to an end,” DeSantis declared.

That autonomy Disney held has allowed them to grant liquor licenses to themselves, create their own fire departments, transportation and emergency services on top of numerous other perks. Now, DeSantis will be appointing a new board to help in the decision-making process on the 27,000 acres Disney owns.

The Florida governor signing that bill fulfills a prophecy Amanda Grace originally heard from God on March 27th, 2021. God spoke to her two years ago that Disney would lose their crown, or in other words, lose the control and autonomy they have been operating in for the last 56 years.

The High Calling of Christian Husbands

Husbands have a high calling given to them by God to lead and guide their family in the way of truth. Those very characteristics that God wove into men are being attacked in our culture today. Men were designed to lead and set the tone for the spiritual climate within their household and that requires the characteristics of a leader.

Suzette, the Marriage Warrior, has worked with crisis couples who have found themselves in the deepest pits of darkness. One key element she uses, is empowering the husbands as the leader, to take control over the problems plaguing their marriage. Those same characteristics of leadership are being attacked today.

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