Morning Rundown: God Adjusted My Ungratefulness in a Garbage Dump in India

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God Adjusted My Ungratefulness in a Garbage Dump in India

I’ve seen some awful poverty during my previous trips to India, so I wasn’t shocked when I drove with Prasanna to this makeshift village constructed from cardboard boxes, tattered blankets, wooden crates and discarded metal. But I didn’t expect to see so many small children in this dreadful place. Many of them didn’t have any clothes. They all looked malnourished.

Then I met Kodayya and Kalyan, two teenage boys who spend their days scrounging through the massive piles of trash looking for plastic bottles to recycle. On most days, many younger children also work in the dump. They wear cloth masks to protect themselves from the toxic fumes billowing from the smoldering garbage, but I knew the masks were useless.

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Why Thanksgiving Is a National Treasure

Thanksgiving is more than a family holiday or a mindset; it’s a national treasure.

Public acknowledgments of the providence of God have been part of the history and traditions of this nation—from the Pilgrims to the founding era, from the Civil War to today—and it’s important to share the true meaning of Thanksgiving. It’s an important part of our Judeo-Christian heritage. To this day, during Thanksgiving week, Congress honors National Bible Week and the Bible’s impact on America to ensure these timeless traditions remain the lifeblood of America.

The tradition of sharing a meal and giving thanks for family and freedom dates back to 1620 when the 52 survivors of the Mayflower landed in Massachusetts and enjoyed a three-day meal with Native Americans.

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Candace Cameron Bure on Hope-Filled Entertainment for the Holidays

When it comes to Christmas entertainment, there’s few who do it better than Candace Cameron Bure.

In a new interview with Fox News alongside Great American Family CEO Bill Abbot, Bure shared her heart for creating family-friendly entertainment that can provide hope, with her latest film, “My Christmas Hero.”

“I think we want to create an oasis in a cultural desert,” Bure said.

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