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Jonathan Cahn’s Explosive ‘The Return of the Gods’ Returns to Bestseller Lists, Revealing Present-Day Origins in Ancient Mysteries

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Almost eight months after release in September 2022, Jonathan Cahn’s ‘The Return of the Gods’ is back on the top ten books on the New York Times best-seller list. It’s reached #5 on The Wall Street Journal and #4 on Publishers Weekly in the past week, while climbing back up to the top 100 books sold on Amazon right now, charting as the #1 book in both the Christian spiritual growth and Jewish theology categories.

So, why does this book have so many people stirring for the truth?

People are seeing the reality of what Cahn shares in “The Return of the Gods” as the truth. They are amazed by these biblical warnings coming to life in front of them. The evidence of a dark spiritual repossession is all around us, and people are waking up to the frightening reality that what we are seeing is not flesh and blood, but a supernatural power after our culture, children and our future.

This topic continued to captivate audiences when Cahn interviewed with Glenn Beck. Beck himself interviewed Cahn three times in less than a week on both television and radio. He had seen the demonic works raging in our world, which led him to implore audiences to take the time to listen to what Cahn had to say, believing that the mysteries behind the darkness in our world should be confronted.

Because of these evil forces, children and faculty were sadly lost in Nashville after being shot by a gunwoman. Cahn shared how the same entities he warns about in “The Return of the Gods” contributed to this massacre.

“The Bible speaks of spirits,” Cahn said in a viral YouTube video on the shooting. “When they possess a person, they seek to remove the individual from his or her nature and purpose, whether that means their humanity, their gender, their sexuality, their personhood. That’s how they begin destroying him or her. The possessed person becomes a danger to others and to himself or herself, harming others, harming themselves.”

This message comes shortly before the SatanCon event in Boston later this week. Only a country that has turned its back on the true living God would consider a time dedicated to worshipping and celebrating the evil one.

The Bible has been ripped from the public sphere, the rainbow desecrated from God’s promise and turned into a reflection of the sins of man, and children have been sacrificed on the altar of convenience. The success of “The Return of the Gods” isn’t an accident. It is part of God’s warning to America that we must wake up, repent from our wicked ways and seek His face or else we will inherit the destruction of these ancient, demonic spirits.

To purchase your own copy of this New York Times bestseller, visit BooksbyJonathanCahn.com.

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