Will This Award-Winning Kevin Sorbo Film Transform American Attitudes?

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Susan Perlman

With the devil’s attempts to overwhelm Americans with fear and chaos—in real life and in the media—it’s good to know that there are those who are pushing back against the enemy’s plans. Movies are being made by those such as Kevin and Sam Sorbo that are not only family friendly but can also make Americans believe in the kingdom values of their country once again.

“Miracle in East Texas,” a comedy produced by Sorbo Studios, tells the tale of two aging con men at the dawn of the Great Depression. Not only will it make you laugh—and shed a tear or two—but will bring back the pride in the God-blessed American way.

“It’s just a fantastic story, and we love true stories,” says Kevin Sorbo, who starred earlier this year in “Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist.” “It’s a true story set in 1930, and it’s about two men that went through Oklahoma and Texas wooing widows out of their money with fake oil wells. They would sell 500% of the shares, declare it a dry hole and move to the next town.

“It was really evil what these guys were doing because it was right in the heart of the Depression when the country was at its highest unemployment we’ve ever had,” he says. “They ultimately make the largest oil strike ever. They are eventually arrested and … “

Sorbo stars in the film along with John Ratzenberger of “Cheers” fame. The movie has won 10 film festival awards, including best Comedy and Best Director (Sorbo) and best Faith-Based Movie.

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“They can’t pigeonhole it because it has so much going on,” Sorbo says. ‘It’s the kind of movie that Hollywood used to want to do.

Kevin’s wife, Sam, says the oil strike itself was a miracle from God, but there is more.

“The ensuing miracles [are] really what make the story so incredible,” she says. “The fact that it’s an entirely true story was wonderful.”

“You leave the theater with an uplifted feeling like you learning something, feeling like you can be a better person, feel good about yourself,” Sam Sorbo explains. “It’s a lot of fun. It’s great for families. … The film deals with the theme of forgiveness. It’s an important them in our culture especially today’s culture and redemption. The cancel culture where you make one mistake and you’re gone.”

The script for “Miracle in East Texas” was written decades ago by Oscar-nominated writer Dan Gordon for actors Paul Newman and Robert Redford—best known for their roles in “The Sting” and “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” The film also stars Hollywood stalwarts Louis Gossett Jr. and Tyler Mane.

With the war between Israel and Hamas continuing to rage, people across the globe are choosing sides with that conflict, and many have chosen to support Hamas, despite the evil these terrorists are perpetrating.

With “Miracle in East Texas,” the two main characters, as Kevin Sorbo mentions, are evil at first, but they redeem themselves throughout the film.

“This is one of those rare films that combines comedy, drama, romance and real-life events,” Kevin Sorbo says. “It’s an interesting journey these two characters make and the transformation you see with them. The miracles make honest men out of these swindlers and they change their ways.

“As independent filmmakers, we understand and continue to create trusted entertainment for the entire family,” he adds. “This is a message to the big studios on what families really want.”

The Fathom film “Miracle in East Texas” will premiere in select theaters on Oct. 29 and 30.

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