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How Believers Can Work to Restore America

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Floyd Brown

On April 16, 2021, I traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the request of a local business leader, Clay Clark. He asked me to speak at a conference focused on ending the COVID lockdowns.

Clay is a business coach and entrepreneur who’d seen his clients’ businesses devastated as the “two weeks to slow the spread” lockdowns had entered a second year.

The conference attendees were an eclectic bunch of every American race and ethnicity. Doctors who’d been publicly disgraced or even fired for advocating the use of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamins D and C and budesonide to treat COVID were there. Pastors of all faiths fighting to keep the doors of their churches open under a police state regime unprecedented in American history showed up.

Owners of restaurants serving Mexican, Thai, Chinese and American cuisine were there to talk about their struggles to keep their doors open. Small business owners of nearly every kind, police officers, teachers, nurses, firefighters and military personnel—both enlisted and officers—were all there to join in fighting back against a government response to COVID that was clearly nonsensical.

What happened next deeply touched the hearts and consciences of my wife, Mary Beth, and me. To this day we still talk about Tulsa.

What happened there was profound. Unity broke out. Both the love of fellow man and love of God filled what had been advertised as a business conference. We were touched by God and what the Bible calls the Holy Spirit.

I Saw What Revival for America Could Look Like

Since that day, I’ve traveled the country with Clay Clark and others sharing a simple message: we need not fear if we trust in God and work together to restore the pre-COVID America.

In the middle of a pandemic, there we were participating in a healing and restoration experience unlike anything we’d ever witnessed. Masks came down, and we cried. We hugged and held onto each other. We reconnected with fellow human beings. We broke the back of fear together and united.

We are truly in a battle to save the American promise that has long held the world’s imagination and must continue to. We know our very foundations are being attacked from within, and the America we love and wish to pass on to future generations is now on life support.

The only way America can be saved is by a thousand more local “conferences” like that one in Tulsa, where people set aside their differences and, drawing strength from unity, take the battle into the streets of our communities one after another.

America’s colonists realized the importance of uniting for a common goal. They set aside their differences, and with God’s help they formed the United States of America. Throughout history God often uses everyday people who are willing. History is full of examples of small groups making unbelievable contributions to their fellow humankind.

Good governance is about understanding where we are now and how we move forward together as Americans.

What is it going to take to save America? Concerned citizens working together with courage, boldness and conviction. It is time to step up, unite—and save America. Together we march.

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Floyd Brown is an American author, speaker and media commentator. He is the former CEO of USA Radio Network. Brown founded the conservative website The Western Journal in 2008. In his early career, Brown worked as a political consultant and conducted opposition research for political campaigns.

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