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Former Satanist John Ramirez Exposes After School Satan Clubs

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Shelby Bowen

Former Satanist John Ramirez has been on a mission to expose the kingdom of darkness since he gave his life to Jesus. His heart is for everyday Christians to understand and be aware of what’s happening in the spirit realm around them. Now, with After School Satan Clubs being introduced in schools, he is exposing the lie that they claim they don’t actually worship Satan.

“These clubs, these Satanism people, how they dress things up, how they introduce things to people, how they finesse it and say they don’t worship Satan. They are a bunch of liars,” Evangelist Ramirez says.

He equates their lie to someone saying they are a Christian, yet they don’t believe in Jesus. “In the foundation of whatever you follow, there has to be a deity,” he says.

In schools across the country, there are Satan Clubs popping up with the aim of giving an alternative to a Christian club. In a Chesapeake, Virginia school board meeting one parent spoke out on the matter saying, “We can’t be so afraid of being mocked or called names or canceled that we open the door wide open to evil in our community and most importantly to our children.”

But, the fear of being mocked is exactly what has kept so many people from speaking out. Ramirez is sounding the alarm on the danger of the theology they are presenting. In the beginning they claim not to worship Satan, then Ramirez says once you are accepted in through ceremonies and contracts with the dark side they start to be honest.

“The more ingrafted you get in, the more you see,” he says.

It’s no surprise there is a war going on right now against the young generation. An outpouring just started at Asbury University with a few hungry students seeking the Lord. The world was impacted by their hearts for Jesus. Satan is after that generation. He wants to snatch them from God’s calling and purpose for their life and bring confusion and chaos.

“We see what’s going on in Kentucky right, the move of God. Who’s there? All young people. Satan is a copy cat, he wants to copy anything that is original,” Ramirez says.

At eight-year-old Ramirez was brought into the Satanic church. He went to meetings from 7PM to 5AM the next day being trained by witches and warlocks. In his new book coming out March 7th “Fire Prayers: Building Arsenals That Destroy Satanic Kingdoms” Ramirez gives a practical manual for every Christian.

“The Holy Spirit said ‘why don’t you write a manual for spiritual warfare prayers and how to destroy satanic kingdoms,'” he says. Not only does he share how to destroy plots, schemes, entrapment, delay and blockages but the satanic kingdoms themselves. “Who called fire from heaven? Elijah. It’s called ‘Fire Prayers.’ Destroy every demonic altar that’s got your family bloodline on it,” Ramirez says.

Pray for this nation. Pray that God would set a part this generation for His glory and all plans of the enemy would be broken. Watch the rest of the interview to hear more on fighting the enemy with spiritual warfare prayers.


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Shelby Bowen is an assistant editor for Charisma Media.



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