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Don’t Let These Actions Cause Delay in Your Life

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Shelby Bowen

Are you experiencing delays in your life? Are there things you felt God showed you that have not come to pass yet? The physical and spiritual realms are more connected than you realize. Author of “The Veil” Blake Healy shares practical tips you can implement today that will transform your walk with God.

Healy has seen angels and demons in the spirit realm since he was a child. Now he is using that gifting to help the body of Christ understand their spiritual authority and walk through difficult times. In a recent interview with Charisma magazine, he shares foundation principles all Christians need to understand as they learn and grow in hearing God’s voice.

No matter how experienced or accurate you have been in the past, there is always a capacity for misunderstanding or hearing God’s voice incorrectly. When we understand this, it allows humility to be birthed inside that leaves room for God to allow clarity to be spoken in all situations.

Healy addresses two different kinds of believers. Those who look at God’s voice as a tightrope and if they slightly move an inch they could fall to the depths. The other type of believer is those who look at God’s will as a treasure hunt. There are clues in life laid out before you that will lead to the end goal.

“Instead of just these two models, recognize that He is our Father who is stewarding the growth of our hearts. He is not just instructing us in what we should do, but growing our hearts to be the kind of person that makes godly decisions,” Healy says.

What are you learning right now? What is God teaching you that is growing and developing your character?

If you heard God wrong, it’s okay. Look at this as an opportunity to seek Him and learn to hear His voice more clearly. Take a step back and analyze when the last time you saw fruit and peace from the decisions you were making. Go back to what God was speaking to you and telling you in that time to discern where things may have gone wrong.

“We need to be accountable to a group of people,” Healy says. You may not have high-level leaders in your inner circle, but invest in friends who are attempting to do the same thing you are. Don’t do this journey alone, process what you are hearing with others who can pray alongside of you in the decisions you make.

In Healy’s new book “Secular, Sacred, Spirit: See God’s Hand in Every Part of Life” he teaches Scripture and shares personal experiences of the implications from the physical realm to the spiritual realm. You are spiritual all the time, even if you don’t “feel” it.

“How we treat our friends, how we treat our families, the thoughts we steward in our mind, what we do when we are hurt by someone. Think of a betrayal like a poison that has been introduced to your body,” Healy says. While those examples begin in the natural realm, when you take on insult, hurt and pain there will be spiritual implications in your life.

To hear more in-depth from Healy on this teaching watch the full interview here.


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Shelby Bowen is an assistant editor for Charisma Media.




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