The Lord Is Calling the Church Back to Authenticity in Him

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Can you discern what God is saying to you, His church and His world? I share in this episode of The Power of Intimacy With Christ on the Charisma Podcast Network a prophetic proclamation of God intervening in our norm to get our attention. He is pulling us back into authenticity. The signs of the times are everywhere, and we must respond to God’s voice. Have you met the early church yet, the one that God anointed to do His will, to proclaim the authentic Word and will of God, or are you only familiar with the packaged church or its entertainment?

In this episode of the podcast, I share the need to go back to the real call of God for His people and His church. You will take away a prophetic word on what we should be doing right now as we listen to and heed what God is saying to us. Yes, right now, in this hour, God is present. God is speaking to us and is calling for a response to His voice. And to ensure it is done, He has intervened in our world. He has taken away our toys, our feel-good places and our favorite things to provoke us to hear His voice. Can you discern what God is saying to you, to your church and to His world?

I know that relationship with God empowers the whole life and provides a solid foundation for understanding and successfully possessing the promises of biblical text. Relationship with God is necessary to experiencing ultimate access to the resources of God for healthy intellectual poise, leading a victorious relational life and all that concerns us as believers in Christ (see 3 John 1:1-3). {eoa}

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Prophetess Lady Sharon Mancha has committed her life to living and teaching intimacy with the Jesus. She equips others with practical principles and biblical knowledge for living the God-life possible by faith in the Word. Mancha proclaims the power that flows from intimacy with Christ is whole-life supply. Living in the privilege of what Jesus provided is a choice, and Mancha pushes us to embrace the authority we have been given and to actualize it for living the victorious life God gifted to us. She teaches that intimacy with Christ is the safehouse for overcoming life’s difficulties, spiritual warfare and all the wars against the liberation made possible in Christ.

An open and intentional effort to discern God’s voice leads to the abundant life in Christ. For additional information on this topic, check out her article: “Is Faith in the Bible Relevant for My Life?

Dr. Sharon Mancha has over 25 years of ministry and is an author and entrepreneur, former radio and television show host and speaker. She is a pastor’s wife of 24 years and the mother of 4 adults children. Now serving as senior pastor, she has dedicated her life to teaching and ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching others about intimate relationship with Jesus.

Take a few minutes to listen on the app of your choice at Check out additional resources on her website, such as these spiritual growth programs for life empowerment and her blog. Connect with her on Twitter here.

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