Morning Rundown: Cindy Jacobs Responds to the Mike Bickle Allegations

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Cindy Jacobs Responds to the Mike Bickle Allegations

As news continues to break surrounding allegations of sexual misconduct by IHOPKC founder, Mike Bickle, prophetic voice Cindy Jacobs is responding to the case.

“As a leader in the prayer movement, I am deeply grieved at the sexual misconduct of Mike Bickle,” Jacobs wrote on X.

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Amy Grant Reveals Shocking Road to Recovery After Accident

Amy Grant is on a journey seeking the positive aspects of life in the aftermath of her 2022 biking accident, which resulted in a brain injury.

In a recent interview with E! News, Grant shared the shocking surprise she woke up with once her five-hour surgery was complete.

“They asked me, ‘Hey, we’re going into your throat, do you want a face-lift?’ And I said, ‘Dear God, no, I actually have to be on stage in X number of weeks.’ It was a five-hour surgery, and they took it like that. I didn’t ask for it, but I came out of surgery and my neck was a little tighter,” Grant explains.

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Prayer and Prophetic Warning Before Purim 2024 and Solar Eclipse

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In the shadow of unfolding global events and signs in the heavens, the approach of Purim 2024 calls us to a time of strategic prayer and heightened spiritual awareness. In the year of the “double door,” it should come as no surprise that we face an increase in spiritual warfare or “double attacks.”

Recent political developments, coupled with the upcoming total solar eclipse, suggest a pivotal moment in both the natural and spiritual realms, urging believers to discern the times with wisdom and respond with intercession.

A Prophetic Call to Prayer: Understanding the Times

The recent memorandum issued by U.S. President Joe Biden on Feb. 8, linking American military aid globally to adherence to international humanitarian law, including for Israel, has stirred significant concern. The directive, which deems the Israeli Defense Forces’ operations in Gaza as “over the top,” introduces a conditionality to military aid that hinges on compliance with international humanitarian standards.

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