Who Are We to Pass Judgment?

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Sarah Stegall

Few of us really understand the role that our critical thoughts play in our relationships. Nor do we realize how our opinions or prayers can shape or influence another person’s behavior.

Often we can be extremely merciful with ourselves while at the same time being merciless, unforgiving and impatient with other people.

Our struggles may be different, but God is at work in all of us. Not one of us has achieved perfection; only Christ.

READ: Prov. 28:25-26; Matt. 7:1-5; Rom. 2:1-29; Rom. 12:1-11; Rom. 14:4,10-13; 1 Cor. 4:5-7.
HEART ISSUE: How does a critical, judgmental attitude toward someone open the door for spiritual deception?
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, uproot the pride in us that causes us to criticize one another unfairly. Give us the patience and grace to be supportive and loving. Free us from our insecurities and the need to prove our significance at another’s expense. Amen.

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