When a Thirsty Soul Found Love

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Sarah Stegall

Like so many women today, the woman at the well sought to fulfill her longing for love and validation illegitimately. What Jesus did for her is what He does for a woman now: love her completely and assign the highest value to her life.

Christ’s gift to her and to us is living water that eternally flows from Him. This is “the gift of God” that satisfies every thirst and hunger forever.

READ: Is. 41:17-20; Zech. 14:8-11; John 4:1-26; John 4:27-42; John 7:37-38; Rev. 7:16-17.
HEART ISSUE: Life’s unmet needs lead us to search endlessly for satisfaction. At your heart’s core, are there longings that have not been dealt with by the Spirit of God? Are there any issues from the past that remain unresolved?
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, without a relationship with You through Your Son, we are all thirsty women. We relinquish every unmet need. Fill us according to Your desire for us. Make us continually aware of our spirit’s deepest need for fellowship with the Lover of our souls. Amen.

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