What Is the Greatest Biblical Prophetic Sign?

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Larry Huch

Prophetic signs are being fulfilled daily. Are you reading the signs of God for these days in which we are living? So many believers are looking at lawlessness, pestilences, pandemics, economic upheavals, the collapse of world leaders and governments. Certainly, these are all the signs written of in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. But are most missing a greater, prophetic sign?

I think so and it is found in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 22, about a wedding, a man without a wedding garment and what became of that uninvited guest. We cannot ignore what God is trying to show us.

Why should you and I be concerned about this parable that our religious doctrines and traditions have caused us to overlook? They concern who the Bride of Christ is, who the “glorious” church is and who are the guests at the wedding of the Lamb? These questions, and the answers to them from Scripture, will dismantle your theology, disturb your traditions and take you on a journey to discover what God’s Word really says about this great, biblical, prophetic sign. {eoa}

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