Understanding the Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven

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Blake Lorenz

Matthew gives us greater insight into the kingdom of heaven and the importance of one’s heart in entering that kingdom in Matthew 13. Jesus uses seven parables to teach us God’s plan of salvation. It is a mystery. This word in the Greek means a plan that cannot be known by human ingenuity, but only by God’s revelation.

Thus, the kingdom of heaven can only be known by the truth that comes from God. This is called revelation knowledge, which the Spirit of God reveals to those who are truly hungry for God. Jesus says God will plant His seed, or word, into the good soil of the human heart. The life that receives the mystery of God will produce an abundance of fruit for God’s kingdom.

Those whose heart will receive the truth of Jesus Christ may be small in number but will produce a mighty harvest for God. It will come amid tremendous conflict against the other kingdom of Satan, which seeks to destroy the kingdom of heaven. Yet only God’s kingdom will prevail.

Those who are the tares, or weeds, will infiltrate and deceive the family of God. They will do terrible harm, but in the end, God’s people will prevail. The angels of the Lord will separate the wheat from the weeds. Jesus gives a dire warning that those not in His kingdom will have a fate of fire while those whose heart receives God’s truth will be gathered for glory.

All of this is again tied to the words of the prophets of God. Those whose hearts genuinely seek God will receive life, and those whose hearts reject Jesus will not be able to see or hear God’s truth.

Those who are of the good soil will be willing to sell or give all they have to be part of the kingdom of heaven. There are no half-measures allowed to gain this pearl of great price. One must give all of one’s heart to Jesus, to love and to serve Him. That heart will be blessed beyond measure. This heart will know the oneness and love of God in Jesus Christ, for it is the greatest of treasures.

This free gift of life with God is open for all people of all tribes and nations. In the end, the messengers of God will separate the good from the bad. There will be much wailing and tears for those who could not see or hear the truth. Man’s ways cannot discern God’s ways. The mystery of the kingdom is for the pure in heart and received by the grace of God.

After Jesus teaches of the kingdom of heaven He is mostly rejected in Nazareth, the town in which He grew up. This is prophetic of His future, when the Jews will generally reject Him in Jerusalem and in Israel. He walks back to Galilee, knowing He has fulfilled His Father’s plan. The final key to the mystery of God’s kingdom is faith.

Those who believe will receive the blessings of God for eternity. Those who do not have faith will be held accountable for the hardness of their hearts.

Pray for a heart that hungers for God and for faith to believe in Jesus and to receive His truth. Those who ask and seek will be answered by God and find the love and joy of God’s salvation. Pray for the breaking of pride and for the humility to receive God’s truth in Christ Jesus.

You do not have the answers. God alone has the answer to life, and He will give it to you when your heart is ready to receive this precious gift of life. Pray to be good soil to produce an abundance for God’s kingdom. That is a life transformed for the glory of God and a heart that knows the mystery of His kingdom. {eoa}

Blake Lorenz was raised in the church but never knew Jesus Christ. His god was himself and sports. After he was released from the Chicago Cubs organization, his life fell to pieces. In this crisis, he cried out to Jesus and gave Him his life. Jesus came into his room, and he met Jesus Christ. He surrounded Blake with His love and told me to go into the world to call people to follow Him.

Blake has been married 40 years to Beverly Brackman and has three wonderful grown children and seven grandchildren. God has blessed him to serve as a pastor and evangelist for 38 years in Central Florida and around the world. He just released a new novel called Greater Love, which can be purchased on Amazon. All proceeds go to his mission and evangelism ministries across the world.

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