Unconditional Trust

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Sarah Stegall

No more profound biblical example of costly obedience and trust exists than in the figure of Abraham. His trust in God was resolute, and his worship was expensive–it cost him everything.

He was asked to sacrifice not only his son but also his interpretation of what God had promised in the generations that would come through him. Nevertheless, he was willing to trust God with the consequences of what He required, and he established a testimony of faithful obedience by which all followers of Jehovah could be inspired.

READ: Gen. 22:1-19; Ps. 31:14-24; Ps. 32:10-11; Ps. 118:1-14; Ps. 125:1-2; Is. 26:3-4.
HEART ISSUE: How have you responded in the past when God called you to a costly act of obedience? What was the outcome?
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, regardless of what our response has been before, we ask to be made willing to release anything we’ve held more dearly than You. Thank You for the example of Your servant Abraham. Help us not to waver in our faith. Strengthen us to trust in You without reservation. Amen.

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