Through the Eyes of the Spirit

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Sarah Stegall

Spiritual vision can be a reality for every Christian through the discipline of prayer. A born-again believer can see the kingdom of God. His Spirit reveals to our spirit a picture of things as they are in the heavenly realm, thus enabling us to perceive all He has for us.

Long before a promise of God is manifested in the earth, spiritual vision will see it and continually hold it up so that in God’s time it can become a natural reality.

READ: Is. 48:3-6; Luke 2:25-35; Luke 2:36-38; John 5:19-20; Rom. 4:16-25; Eph. 1:17-21.
HEART ISSUE: What promise has God imparted to you? Ask Him for wisdom and spiritual vision to see as He does.
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, it’s hard to imagine all we miss because we are so wedded to natural experiences. Help us to mature in spiritual vision. We want to be people to whom the realm of the Spirit is more real than the natural realm. Enable us to trust that You will commune with us and reveal “great and mighty things” we’ve never known before. Amen.

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