The Powerful Passover Revelation

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Passover is special! Don’t pass an opportunity to grow in your intimacy with God and reflect on Scripture. Exodus 12 is a great place to start your journey of growing closer to the Lord and understanding His Word in a deeper way. In this chapter, there is much to learn about God, including the importance He places on redemption, freedom and belonging.

Exodus 12 gives insight into one of God’s many acts of redemption. God wants His children to be redeemed out of slavery and into relationship with Him. This chapter explores the freedom the Lord offers to His people and highlights the importance of seeking and celebrating that freedom. Through reading and studying Exodus 12, you will come to understand the importance God places on the idea of belonging. God wants to know who belongs to Him. He offers redemption and freedom to those who belong to Him. That is indeed something to celebrate!

When you are stuck in sin, when you are being abused, when there are people holding you back from living a pure life, God wants to deliver you and perform justice, like He did in Exodus 12. God takes very seriously the lives of those who belong to Him. He understands our value more than we do, and He does not take our freedom lightly. His punishment may look harsh in this chapter, but it shows us how seriously He views the lives and freedom of His children. Understanding this will help you to understand God more. God prioritizes redemption, freedom and belonging. Let us worship Him! {eoa}

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