The Ingredients of the Anointing

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Sarah Stegall

Under the old covenant, the anointing oil had one exclusive purpose. In a symbolic act of consecration, it was poured out on prophets, priests and kings and on the tabernacle, the ark of the covenant and all the individual utensils that were employed in the worship of God.

It was compounded according to strict instructions, and although its ingredients were earthly, everything about it was rich in sacred symbolism. Any vessel thus anointed was set apart for a holy purpose and calling unto the Lord.

READ: Ex. 30:17-29; Ex. 30:30-33; Ps. 92:8-15; Song 4:12-15; Acts 10:34-38; 1 John 2:20-27.
HEART ISSUE: The oil speaks to us of the holiness of God. An anointed object could not be touched by any unholy thing. What does it mean to carry God’s anointing today?
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, thank You for giving us the enabling power of Your Holy Spirit. Forgive us for masquerading as something we’re not. We want to be holy vessels, Lord. Search us and expose everything that keeps us from a life of total consecration to You. Amen.

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