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Sarah Stegall

Entrepreneur Gail Pittman found her niche when she began “playing around with pottery” at her kitchen table. Without formal training in art or business, Gail started small and trusted God to direct her steps.

Not everybody will feel led to start a business from scratch. However, fulfilling the call of God is a mandate from heaven for all of us.

When we put Jesus first, He uses our abilities and gifts and expands them so that they become greater than we’ve ever imagined. We need only to surrender to His will and trust that His timing is perfect.

READ: Ex. 31:1-11; Ps. 78:70-72; Prov. 18:16; Dan. 2:48-49; Matt. 4:18-22; Matt. 25:14-30.
HEART ISSUE: The purposes of God can appear to shift during different seasons of life. Many of us have discovered that our purpose is not a destination, as we thought; it is a journey. Are you embracing the purposes of God in this season?
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, we are grateful for the knowledge that You go before us in all the changes we experience. Help us to walk in Your will, knowing that You have purposed good things for us. Thank You for flooding us with Your wisdom and for challenging us to go beyond the limitations we’ve set. For Your glory, use us in ways we’ve never dreamed. Amen.

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