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Sarah Stegall

From creation, God has elected to reveal the fullness of His glory through both men and women. Priscilla and Acquila were a married couple mentioned in Acts and Romans as co-laborers in the evangelistic ministry of Paul the apostle.

Phoebe was described by Paul as a “servant” or “deacon” (diakonos). It is believed that as his partner, she was the courier who represented Paul in delivering his letter to the church at Rome.

READ: Judg. 4:1-24; Judg. 5:1-31; Acts 16:14-15; Acts 18:1-3; Acts 18:24-28; Rom. 16:1-16.
HEART ISSUE: If you have a heart to serve God in ministry, God will open an opportunity for you, despite opposition. Will you believe Him to do it?
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, as Your daughters, we long for reassurance that we, too, have a right to experience Your kingdom without restrictions. We ask not that You give us another’s place but that You free us from the restraints of fear, intimidation and tradition so that we can faithfully take our place in the roles for which you’ve called and equipped us. Amen.

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