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Sarah Stegall

Grief has the ability to destroy not only our present joy but also our future hope. Enduring heart-wrenching loss for which there can be no explanation is the greatest challenge to faith and trust in God.

What C.S. Lewis referred to as “the problem of pain” is the common thread that links all of humanity throughout the ages. No amount of questioning “Why?” will settle the issue and restore what has been lost.

There is peace to be had–but only through relinquishment of our right to understand. Our hope is re-established by trusting in the assurance of the ever-present Helper–the Savior–who knows what it means to suffer and can therefore comfort us, even when there is no explanation.

READ: Ps. 30:1-12; Ps. 34:15-22; Ps. 40:1-17; Ps. 61:1-4; Heb. 4:14-16; Rev. 21:3-4.
HEART ISSUE: Is there someone you know right now who needs the comfort of Christ? First pray, then ask God for a way to further minister His peace to them.
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, we know there is no way to get past our grief except by trusting in You. Help us to yield our hearts to You and allow You to flood us with Your peace. We relinquish our right to understand and to have things conform to our wishes. Have Your perfect way, for indeed You know best. Amen.

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