Nothing Shall Hinder Us

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Sarah Stegall

The storms that we encounter in life can so devastate us that we fail to remember there is One present with us upon whose strength we can draw. Amy Carmichael and others believed that even dark clouds attest to the presence of God with us in life’s storms, for they are but the shadows of His hand.

God will deliver us from every peril. But we can know this only through experience.

George Matheson wrote: “There is a life stronger than natural life. How could we learn this if natural life never failed us? How could faith begin if sight were perfect?”

READ: Ps. 34:1-22; Ps. 86:1-17; Is. 12:1-6; Is. 51:1-3; Acts 20:22-24; 2 Thess. 2:14-17.
HEART ISSUE: We don’t always understand the circumstances that Divine Love allows. But we can always know His provision of peace when we surrender the outcome to Him.
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, help us to be still. We cease struggling and striving today. It is our will to be in the center of Your plan for us. Fill us with Your knowledge and wisdom. Teach us to anticipate the comfort of Your Spirit when we come upon trying cirsumstances. Enable us to fully trust in Your perfect love. Amen.

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