No Longer Silent

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Sarah Stegall

(PART 1)

God intends for women to play active and vital roles in the ministry. The Bible reveals that women were used in the ministry of Jesus, without prejudice or limitation.

READ: Luke 1:38; Luke 2:3-7; Luke 8: 1-3; Mark 15:47; John 20:1; Matt. 28:8.
HEART ISSUE: God does not want women to hold back from expressing who they are in Christ or to hide their light! What is God saying to you about expressing yourself and your gifts in ministry to others (whether as laity or clergy)?
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, I thank You that I can walk in the confidence of Christ. I thank You that with this confidence, I can express the fullness of what it means to be Christ’s ambassador. Amen.

(PART 2)

God wants women believers to know who they are in Christ–unique and beautiful, fully redeemed and complete in Him. It is His will that women no longer be silent but speak out boldly. When called to serve in leadership roles, we must not shirk responsibilities or lag behind in the shadows but must fulfill our duties as unto the Lord.

READ: Acts 1:4,8,14; Acts 16:13-15; Rom. 16:1-2; 2 John 1; Ps. 139:14; Col. 2:10.
HEART ISSUE: How powerful a witness for Jesus are you? Are you letting His light shine through you without holding back?
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, I thank You that You have made me who I am and that I am called to express who You are. Give me greater peace and boldness as I move out from the sidelines into the crowd, to touch lives and see them transformed as a minister of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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