Love Rules Over Legalism

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Sarah Stegall

One of the very first Bible passages most of us came to know was the parable of the good Samaritan (see Luke 10:25-37). In the story, a wounded man was left to die by the side of the road.

Two members of the religious hierarchy came upon him and, perhaps supposing that he was dead, dared not touch him for fear they would transgress the law. So they passed by, and the man was left there until a Samaritan came along who ministered compassion and kindness to him.

Adherence to the law caused the religious leaders to withhold help. But the higher law of love compelled the Samaritan to show the man mercy and to go out of his way to see that his needs were met.

READ: Matt. 23:1-27; Mark 2:23-28; Mark 7:1-13; Luke 6:1-11; John 5:1-16; Col. 2:6-23.
HEART ISSUE: Have you thought someone would not respond to the gospel because of the way he or she looked? How can your response be more compassionate next time?
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, sometimes we assume at first glance that certain individuals won’t receive the gospel’s message. Forgive us. Give us love in our hearts, and help us to see beyond a person’s exterior to his need for the Savior’s touch. Amen.

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