Are Your Words Loaded With The Spirit?

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Sarah Stegall

How we long to speak words that penetrate the hearts of those who hear them! Often, we try to impart reason and wisdom to family members and friends and sense that we’ve not made a lasting impact.

George D. Watson wrote, “Words are chariots in which the quality of the heart and mind ride forth to other souls.” If this is so, we would do well to desire closer fellowship with Jesus, so that our conversation would be bathed with the life of His Spirit.

We speak forth out of the abundance of our heart’s contents. The more we are filled with Christ’s Spirit, the more our words take on His qualities.

Time given to prayer and extravagant worship in His holy presence will produce in us the pure heart from which words pregnant with spiritual meaning and insight will flow.

READ: Ps. 19:14; Ps. 49:3; Ps. 78:1-4; Prov. 4:21-27; Matt. 12:33-37; Col. 4:2-6.

HEART ISSUE: We’ve all had moments when something “escaped” from our lips we never knew was in us. Allow the Spirit to search out those hidden areas. Then repent and rejoice at God’s mercy and faithfulness.

PRAYER FOCUS: Father, reveal the hidden issues that taint our utterances. We long to have our hearts made pure and our words infused with Your anointing. Deliver us from impure thoughts, habits and attitudes, so that what we say will reflect Your holiness. Amen.

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