Keep Your Eyes On The Mountaintop

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Sarah Stegall

Joseph’s life from the very beginning indicated great favor and potential. He was the beloved son of his father, Jacob, and was chosen by God for a great work.

Before Joseph understood the magnitude of his dreams, God was at work in him, fashioning his character into that of a man to whom great responsibility could be entrusted. While undergoing this process, Joseph had to keep his focus, or he never would have seen the dream fulfilled.

Eventually, his perseverance paid off when God made him the guardian of His plan to rescue a nation.

READ: Gen. 37:1-36; Gen. 39:1-23; Gen. 40:1-23; Gen. 41:1-13; Gen. 41:14-36; Gen. 41:37-57.
HEART ISSUE: Paula White wrote: “If you can discern the thing that other people hate about you, you will find the thing that makes you so valuable.” How does this apply to you?
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, we thank You that nothing can thwart Your perfect will. Teach us to embrace the experiences that will secure our destiny and bring us to our appointed end. Amen.

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