It’s Not Just a Fairy Tale

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Sarah Stegall

Cinderella’s story has no doubt left an indelible mark on most of us; many say that it’s a bad one. Many have unfairly blamed the fairy tale for creating illusions in women’s minds about what their expectations should be.

But even in this fantasy, there is truth: There is a Prince who will lift you from shame to acceptance, from rags to riches.

Like every damsel in the books we’ve read, we all need to be rescued. We’ve built fortresses around our hearts, and the tower walls intended to protect us have imprisoned us. But the Prince of Peace will not allow us to be separated from our destiny or from Him forever.

Christ came to give us an exceedingly rich existence. He can handle the past. The Prince of Peace can redeem your hurts and usher you into a future of hope and purpose.

READ: Ps. 34:1-22; Song 2:8-14; Is. 54:4-8; Is. 54:9-14; Hos. 2:14-17; Hos. 2:19-23.
HEART ISSUE: If you are born again, Christ has dealt with your past. But have you allowed Him to cleanse you of your sin’s residual effects?
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, never could we imagine that One so perfect could accept us totally. We are so very grateful for every restored life. Your blood has erased the stain of sin. Now, may Your Spirit vanquish every painful memory of failure and disgrace, allowing us to embrace the reality of new life in Christ Jesus. Amen.

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