Is There Bitterness in Your House?

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Sarah Stegall

There are countless reasons why a woman of God would be tempted to harbor bitterness. However, none of them are good. Certainly, none are worth the cost of forfeiting the peace and purpose of God or interrupting the flow of His Spirit.

Scripture says a root of bitterness “defiles many.” It may begin in one person’s heart, but it takes its toll on others with whom that one associates. It is infectious and takes advantage of the gift and privilege we have of influencing people to walk after God’s ways.

If unchecked, bitterness will destroy your life and future ministry. It frustrates our progress from glory to glory.

But we can find relief and deliverance from the seemingly overpowering spirit of bitterness and all its crippling effects.

READ: Gen. 45:5-11; 1 Sam. 1:1-18; Job 42:1-10; Matt. 5:21-26; 2 Tim. 4:9-18; Heb. 12:14-17.
HEART ISSUE: It’s time for honesty with the Lord and with ourselves. Are there bitter attitudes you need to confess to God?
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, expose the bitterness we may be holding in our hearts. Remind us that we are called to love, and help us to right any situation in which we’ve maligned another person’s character. Bring to mind those individuals and give us grace to intercede for them, that they might be recipients of Your grace even as we are. Amen.

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