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Sarah Stegall

The book of James admonished first-century Jewish believers to forgo the lure of worldliness and, in spite of persecution, to hold fast to their faith.

More than an epistle of trials, testings and temptations, James is a book of assurances and promises from the God of love to those who would choose to walk in the freedom of knowing Him.

READ: James 1:1-11; James 1:12-27; James 2:1-26; James 3:1-18; James 4:1-17; James 5:1-20.
HEART ISSUE: James 3 examines the power of the tongue. What has God spoken to you regarding your words?
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, we see reflected in Your Word a standard of holiness to which we are called. Help us to see the blessing in approaching this standard by Your grace. Amen.

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